About Us


To affirm the unique and intrinsic value of each individual via celebratory collections of quality gemstone jewelry. Roohi.com is the destination jewelry boutique for women, offering an array of designs from various cultures and regions across the globe. We strive to continue to provide socially responsible jewelry by manufacturing and supplying from ethical sources and means.


To enrich the lives of people we touch. Build long term relationships with partners and customers based on mutual trust and respect. Commitment to create exceptional opportunities for professional growth so associates can actualize their highest potential.

Core Values

  1. Deliver Happiness Through WOW Products, Service, and Presentation
  2. Move Fast
  3. Dedication to Mastery and Self-Refinement
  4. Fiercely Positive and High Team Energy
  5. Constant Growth and Learning
  6. Empower Everyone You Meet
  7. Kindness
  8. Build Honest and Open Relationships through Communication, Trust, and Respect
  9. Be Humble
  10. Be Unapologetically Creative

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