Essential Oils for: Diaphoretic

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Details of Diaphoretic

Diaphoretic is defined as a drug or medicine that aids in the process of inducing perspiration. Medications such analgesics, antimicrobials, medicines used for cardiovascular disease, chemotherapeutic drugs, topical medications, hormonal drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, head and neck drugs, hematologic drugs, and neuropsychiatric drugs are known to cause sweating. Herbs such as cypress essential oil, aniseed, borage, chamomile, lady finger, marigold oil, premna odorata, simarouba, spiny amaranth, African cabbage, bupleurum, cassia alata, Chinese elder, indian walnut, phragmites, rotula aquatica, smilax china, turkey berry, angelica, celery, niaouli, piper amalago, and rourea minor have been known to induce sweating.

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