Essential Oils for: Nervine


Details of Nervine

Nervine is defined as a medicine used to calm the nerves. In cases of nervous debility, nervine tonics strengthen and restore the tissues directly. Herbs such as oats, brahmi, borage, gotu kola, St. John’s wort, blue vervain, and periwinkle aid in the relaxation of the nerves. Nervine relaxants are a group that has become increasingly important in our times of stress and tension. They are the closest natural alternative for the orthodox nerve tranquilizers, but should always be used in a broad holistic way. Too much tranquilizing, even that achieved through herbal medication, can in time deplete and weight heavily on the whole nervous system. However, the physical symptoms that can so often accompany the ill-ease of anxiety may be well treated with herbs that work on the anxiety itself. When the physical body is at ease, ease in the psyche is promoted. Herbs such as lavender, hops, lemon balm, chamomile, wood betony, linden, wild lettuce, kava kava, passionflower, and skullcap have been known to relax the nerves and provide the body with a sense of peace and tranquility. Nervine Stimulants cause a direct stimulation of the nervous system, and not very often needed in our times of hyperactivity. In most cases it is more appropriate to stimulate the body’s innate vitality with the help of adaptogens, nervine or even digestive tonics, which work by augmenting bodily harmony and thus have a much deeper and longer-lasting effect. A problem with commonly used stimulants such as coffee is that they have a number of side effects and can themselves be involved in causing many problems such as anxiety and tension. Herbs such as kola, coffee, and green and black tea have been known to stimulate the nerves.

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