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Details of Stress relief

Stress relief is defined as the reduction of stress. Stress relief is essential in the everyday life of every person. Less stress means that the body and the mind are at equilibrium and both can function up to par. There are a variety of ways to relieve stress such as trying the four A’s, as recommended by the Mayo Clinic: avoid, alter, accept, and adapt. Avoiding stress is easy if planned efficiently and effectively. A few examples would be taking control of external surroundings, leave early for work or take the longer, less traveled route or pack a lunch and eat at a desk or in a break room. avoiding annoying or bothersome people, if there is a co-worker that causes an immediate negative response such as causing the jaw to tense, put physical distance between both parties is the better way to go, sit far away at meetings or walk around his or her cubicle, even if it requires some extra steps, learning to say no, this one is big being that it is the hardest one to really perfect, but time is precious and everyone has responsibilities and demands more important than someone else’s so the line has to be drawn between being generous and kind hearted and being foolish and overextending oneself, and, finally, scratching things off of the to-do list, sometimes doing everything in one day just won’t work and in the long run it will end up causing more stress and more worry so save it for a different day. Alter, in times of stress one of the best things to do is to change the situation or predicament in order to benefit oneself. For example, respectfully asking others to change their behavior and being willing to do the same allows room for growth in both parties. Being honest and communicating feelings is essential, remembering to use “I” statements and steering clear of using “You” or blaming words. It helps establish balance and a sense of comradery amongst oneself and their peers. Time management is key in stress relief in that sticking to a schedule helps prevent over exhaustion and overextension. Finally, stating one’s limits in advance is important in that it reduces the amount of wasted time and rushing due to that wasted time. Accept, sometimes accepting things for the way they are is the only way to reduce stress. A majority of the time people are stressed out about factors way beyond their control and consequently end up causing themselves more problems in the long run. Talking with someone trust, forgiving, practicing positive reassurance, and learning from past mistakes all can contribute to stress relief and raise self-esteem and self-confidence. Finally adapt, adapting is one of the most important parts of relieving stress in that it allows room for self-growth and self-discovery. Adjusting predetermined standards, practicing mental relaxation, adopting a mantra, looking at the overall big picture, reframing a problem or issue, and creating an asset column all are ways that one can adapt and relieve stress.

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