Essential Oils for: Vulnerary


Details of Vulnerary

Vulnerary is defined as a medicine used in the healing of wounds. Herbs such as agrimony, andiroba oil, arnica, avocado, benzoin resin, bergamot oil, boswellia, cajeput oil, calendula, camphor, castor oil, chamomile, cleavers, comfrey leaf and root, eucalyptus, fennel seed, figwort, fringe tree, geranium, garlic, goldenrod, gotu kola, hyssop, juniper berries, lady’s mantle, lavender, myrrh, noni, petitgrain oil, plantain, poke root, sea buckthorn oil, shea nut butter, solomon’s seal, spilanthes, St. John’s wort, sweet woodruff, tamanu oil, tea tree oil, vervain, white peony root, witch hazel, and yarrow are known to heal wounds. Some are used in medications while others are used in their natural organic state.

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