Botanical Name

Juniperus Virginiana


Native to cold climates and often found at high altitudes. Obtained through distillation of wood from the Cedar Wood tree.

Benefits and Uses

Anti-septic: Can be applied externally to wounds as an antiseptic. Works by relieving the white blood cells and immune system of stress, leaving them better prepared to fight infection.

Sedative: Most well-known use of cedarwood. Induces the release of serotonin during aromatherapy sessions, which is then converted to melatonin in the brain, producing calm, restorative sleep. Recommended for those suffering from chronic anxiety, stress and depression.

Analgesic: Can be used to cure fungal infections, both internal and external when used in aromatherapy.

Anti-anxiety: Can be used in distillers or vaporizers to keep insects away, and also may be sprinkled on bed linens before retiring to prevent being bitten at night.


Should not be used by pregnant women. Cedarwood cannot be ingested in any form—it can cause nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst and extensive damage to the nervous system.

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