Clary Sage


Clary Sage

Botanical Name

Salvia Sclarea


Thought to be native to Europe, and known for it's benefits related to vision and eye health. Also known as “Muscatel Oil” because of it's use in flavoring Muscatel wine.

Benefits and Uses

Anti-depressant: Has the ability to boost self-esteem, relieves depression.

Anti-anxiety: boosts mental strength, effectively relieving anxiety.

Anti-bacterial: Prohibits the growth of bacteria, particularly in the colon, intestines and excretory system.

Aphrodisiac: Probably the best known use of Clary Sage. It is known to boost libido and increase the sex drive. Affects the hormones, especially testosterone, which increases performance and desire. Can be used to treat impotency in men.

Hypotensive: Relaxes the veins and arteries, which increases blood flow and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Should not be used by pregnant women. May cause headaches in high doses. Enhances the effects of alcohol and sedatives (as it is a sedative in nature) so use caution in these situation.

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