Botanical Name

Boswellia Carteri


Obtained through extraction from the gum and resin of the Olibanum tree. Has been used since ancient times, and is mentioned extensively in the Bible. Is used in cosmetics and fragrances, but has medicinal purposes as well.

Benefits and Uses

Anti-septic: Oil is useful both externally and internally for treating infections. Can be applied via a carrier oil or diffused with equally beneficial results. Can also be used for mouth care, and is useful for preventing bad breath and relieving the pain from toothaches and mouth sores.

Cicatrisant: Can be applied topically or diffused and inhaled to reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes from acne, as well as stretch marks from pregnancy. Also helps fade sun spots and reduces wrinkles, making it an excellent tool for an anti-aging regimen.

Sedative: Frankincense is especially known for it’s calming properties, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Opens the breathing passages and reduces blood pressure, which contributes to the alleviation of stress.

Respiratory: Soothes coughs and provides relief from bronchitis, and congestion by relaxing the bronchial passages and opening up the sinuses.


Should not be used during pregnancy.

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