Botanical Name

Ferula Galbaniflua


Extracted through steam distillation of the resin of the Galbanum plant, which is native to Iran and found in some of it's neighboring countries. The oil has been used medicinally and aromatically since ancient times.

Benefits and Uses

Anti-arthritic: Improves circulation, resulting in increased blood flow to the joints, which helps to relieve the pain of arthritis.

Anti-rheumatic: Promotes the removal of toxic substances from the blood, including uric acid, excess water and salt.

Cicatrisant: Speeds up the growth of new tissue in the cells, thereby reducing the appearance of scars from acne, chicken pox, etc.

Decongestant: Excellent for diffusing if you have a cold or bronchitis, as it breaks up mucous and clears the nasal and sinus passages. Diffuse at night when you have respiratory issues to promote restful sleep, which aids in the healing process.

Anti-parasitic: Particularly effective at repelling parasites on both humans and animals, including lice, scabies, fleas and bed bugs. If you have already contracted lice, washing your hair with Galbanum oil will help to get rid of them, and it is safer than the commercial remedies on the market today.



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