Botanical Name

Helichrysum Angustifolium / Helichrysum Italicum


Obtained from the flowering Helichrysum herb native to Italy, France and a few of the surrounding countries. Helichrysum is very expensive and can be difficult to find.

Benefits and Uses

Anti-inflammatory: Highly effective at reducing inflammation in the body.

Anti-febrile: Known as a fever reducer.

Anti-coagulant: Helichrysum oil thins the blood, and can be used in the case of strokes or heart attacks to dissolve clots quickly, which increases the chances of survival and recovery.

Anti-microbial: Prohibits the growth of microbes in the body and is effective at eliminating those already present.

Mucolytic: Thins mucous deposits in the body, helping to flush them out and eliminating toxins that are present as well. This helps promote clear breathing and helps to fight colds and other illnesses that cause congestion.


Due to its anti-coagulant properties, Helichrysum should not be used by those facing surgery or who are already taking blood-thinning medication.

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