The Emmy Awards 2016 May Have Seen More Statements than Ever

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The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards concluded earlier this month on 18th September 2016. As with every majestic Silver Screen event, the Emmy’s were instantly popular with everyone. As people waited with bated breath to check out the winners, a dedicated community of fashion-aholics observed the minor details that glammed up the night.

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Care for a Jewelry Adventure? The Curious Case of Balinese Jewelry

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Despite the traditional patterns of Balinese jewelry, you’ll be amazed to see how it blends with all sorts of outfits. You can practically pair up Balinese earrings or bracelets with anything in your wardrobe, ranging from urban to nondescript attires. They’re a fashion on their own! Read more to find out the complete story.

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5 Ways You Can Prolong the Shine of Your Rhodium-Plated Jewelry

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Rhodium plating is an old practice that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion, ever! Whenever you buy any ornament plated with rhodium, you ought to keep in mind that rhodium plating isn’t going to last forever. Here are five ways in which you can extend the shine of your rhodium-plated jewelry.

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What Makes Balinese Jewelry So Extraordinary?


Balinese jewelry enjoys a rich and long-drawn traditional significance in the eyes of jewelry enthusiasts, particularly in connection with the mastery of indigenous goldsmiths. By all means and standards, Balinese jewelry is believed to be extraordinary. Here we’ve tried to list a few reasons why this might be so.

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