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5 Elements That Make Your Necklaces Look Chic

If you’re buying fine, fashion or silver jewelry online, you’re naturally trying to look your best. No one wears jewelry to look like a misfit. However, if you’re not shopping at the right online jewelry shop, you might end up looking like one.

It is one thing to adore a color combination and an entirely different scenario when you wear it. Most people love rainbow colors, but they don’t wear it that well, making them look childish or unsophisticated. You can’t really blame an online jewelry shop; they can only show you what they do best.

Here are the 5 elements you need to keep in mind while buying fine jewelry online to make sure your necklaces look chic.

1. Avoid beads, especially plastic and glass ones.

If you’ve ever crafted your own beaded necklaces or friendship bracelets, you’ll understand how and why they may seem inappropriate for the urbane woman. They look childish and crude; definitely not something you’d like to wear to an evening party.

Pink Pearl Necklace

Pink Pearl Necklace

If you absolutely must-have beaded necklaces, stick with smaller, used-as-accents beads. Also, try freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones (like sapphire, morganite, amethyst and others) in necklaces. These make your necklaces look chic and classy.

2. Avoid overly shiny metals.

There was a time when you wanted the shine to catch attention. For the modern woman, it is more about making a lasting, wholesome impression than just catching the limelight momentarily.

10" Drop Silver Chain

10″ Drop Silver Chain

Polished gold, silver, and bronze have a rich shine, which cannot be mimicked by cheap alloys or painted plastics. Choose darker metals, preferably in compact form (fringes or tassels don’t look as good as you think). It’s a minimalistic world – minimalist jewelry is pretty much in vogue too.

3. Stay away from flimsy jewelry.

Light-weight jewelry lacks structure; even the slightest movement can make them sway for life! These may look good when you’re at a beach party, but they’re an absolute no-no for all other occasions. Buy fine jewelry made from heavier metals. Pay special attention to the clasp – they’re the biggest giveaway of quality and finesse.

Teardrop Honey Amber Pendant

Teardrop Honey Amber Pendant

4. Choose stones smartly.

You don’t want your choice of jewelry to overwhelm the dress you’re wearing. Choose gemstones smartly. They don’t need to stab people in the eyes to be seen. Matte stones symbolize value and glory effortlessly.

Fairy Red Pendant - Made From Coral Stone

Fairy Red Pendant – Made From Coral Stone

5. Buy high-quality fine jewelry.

Copper makes your skin go green when used over prolonged periods. Make sure you wear high-quality metals like silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold in necklaces. Those green marks definitely don’t look chic!

Avoid making the wrong statements, buy fine jewelry necklaces online at reputed fine jewelry stores.

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