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Can The Blue Moon Become The Most Valuable Diamond Of The World?

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Sotheby’s is planning to auction the Blue Moon, a 12.03 carat internally flawless vivid blue diamond valued at £35 million or $55 million.

According to sources, if the Blue Moon achieves this bid, it will set a record of being the most valuable diamond ever sold at an auction. Currently, this title is held by the Graff Pink, a fancy intense pink 24.78 carat diamond that sold for $46.1 million in Nov 2010.

The Blue Moon, a brilliant-cut cushion-shaped diamond, is among the few blue diamonds which possess the fancy vivid grade — the highest grade for a colored diamond.

The Blue Moon was cut from a 29.62 carat diamond extracted from the Cullinan mine in South Africa by Petra Diamonds in January 2014.

The Blue Moon was sold for $25.6 million to Cora International, who spent at least six months cutting and polishing it.

The GIA monograph said the diamond’s color has “never before been seen within such a large diamond or any gemstone.”

David Bennett, worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s international jewelry division, said the Blue Moon diamond is a sensational stone of perfect color and purity.

“Blue, for me, is the most mysterious and magical of all the colors of the diamond, and the Blue Moon will now take its place among the most famous gems in the world.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Blue Moon and its journey to the worthy owner!

Sources: JCKOnline, Western Daily Press

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