Diamond Investment: Getting Intimate with the Four Cs

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Every diamond is as unique as every woman. There’re several factors that play into the quality of a diamond. Getting familiar with the Four C’s will help you find the right one for you.


Carats have the biggest influence over the price of a diamond and are generally the first thing to consider when making an investment in one. Contrary to popular belief, carats used to measure the weight of a diamond rather than its size. There’s often huge price breaks between close carat weights. For example, a 0.49 carat diamond is considerably more affordable than a 0.50 carat diamond.


After carat weight, the next biggest influence on the value of a diamond is clarity.  Diamonds can range from heavily included to flawless. While some people want to know they carry an internally flawless stone on their hand to represent their commitment, others are fine with any stone that shines brightly without major visible inclusions. Most people, however, just want something eye-clean.

Colorless Diamond


Following clarity, the third factor to consider when investing in a diamond is the stone’s color. Stone color is usually described as how yellow or how colorless a stone is. However, contrary to mainstream thought, diamonds actually come in every color under the sun. The most common colors unfit to be considered a gem, while other colors are considered fancy and can be valued thousands of times higher than their colorless counterparts.


Last but not least, the cut of a diamond is the most underrated factor when considering to buy a diamond. Diamonds have no glimmer or glamour when they are first unearthed. It’s only after they’re cut, do they begin to shine. If they’re cut imperfectly, they may lose their sparkle or even become a dead stone.


Having a strong understanding of Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut will help you decide which stone is best for you. Knowing what factors of a diamond you want to prioritize and which ones you’re willing to give some slack will help you find the best diamond within your budget.

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