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Falling in Love with a Love Song; The Valentine’s Benediction for All Lovers

The sweet melody of love fills the air as a symbolic invitation to unlock the hearts of those couples beguiled by each other. The winged cupid showers steel arrows down from the heaven, inflicting the deep-rooted love wounds that never heal. Flowers, Chocolates, and Greeting cards abound as men and women find it within themselves to express their never-ending love for each other.

The Valentine’s Day comes every year, rejuvenating the promises of love, support, compassion, presence and the million things that define this relationship in mysterious ways. And as you fidget to find the perfect “expression” of your interminable love, you realize there’s one thing that makes the perfect gift every time – it is Valentine’s Day Jewelry.

Before you head off to surprise your better half with something nice and pricey, make sure your “expression” doesn’t go wrong.

Here are the three things you need to keep in mind when buying Valentine Jewelry for Her.

Tip#1: Hearts and Diamonds All The Way

Lacy Diamond Heart Necklace

Lacy Diamond Heart Necklace

It’s been tried and tested by many; heart-shaped jewelry and diamonds are the safest bets for Valentine’s Day Gift. Whether it is a Delicate Diamond Heart Bracelet or the Amethyst Heart Bracelet; it is impossible to misunderstand the underlying message. Throw in a pair of 14K Dangle Heart Earrings or the Lacy Diamond Heart Necklace and you have the perfect deal. It is simply unimaginable for her to look at the pretty jewelry without flashing a smile, a hug or a kiss. And that can only mean one thing; she approves!

14K Dangle Hearts Earrings

14K Dangle Hearts Earrings

Diamond jewelry, irrespective of how inconspicuous the stone is, will always be a life-savior. It is not the value of the stone but rather the sentiments that make it so much more valuable. After all, the diamond is forever!

Tip#2: Why Valentine’s Rings are not a Good Idea?

Planning to give her a Valentine’s Ring? Make sure you’re equipped to handle the hysterical squeals most likely to follow this present. She might even jump into your arms, nodding her head frantically as words fail to escape her.

Sterling Silver Heart Ring

Sterling Silver Heart Ring

It is not always an easy task to explain how she misunderstood the proposal and that you were really trying to give her an innocent Valentine’s Day Present.

Tip#3: Proposing Her Isn’t A Bad Idea!

If you’re sure about her and are already planning to ask her to be your “lawfully wedded wife”, why not make this proposal even more memorable by doing it on the most romantic day of the year? It is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Diamond Band Ring

Diamond Band Ring

There’s a list of contemporary fine engagement rings you can choose from. For a more dramatic effect, get her matching earrings or a bracelet (if your budget permits). It is almost impossible to say no to a diamond-studded proposal.

Have some Valentine’s Day Gift advice you’d like to share? Write to us in the comments section below. We’d love to benefit from your wisdom and pass it on to those who need it!

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