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Going Green: What You Need to Know about Saint Patrick’s Day

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Every 17th March, a little Irish stirs in everyone while celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. The celebrations are green and the shamrock is considered as the religious symbol. Parades and celebrations mark the day, but do you know where all this came from?

A Brief History

There are several accounts regarding the series of events that took place in the fifth century. However, most historians believe Saint Patrick was actually a native British hailing from Wales. He was captured by Irish invaders at the age of sixteen and taken hostage. He worked as a shepherd. He turned towards religion to find comfort and became a pious Christian.

After surviving more than six years as a slave, Saint Patrick escaped. According to him, he received a sign from God. He traveled all the way to the Irish coast and went back to Britain.

Shortly afterward, he experienced a second revelation beckoning him to go back to Ireland as an evangelist. He undertook religious training for over fifteen years to become a priest. Thereafter, he went back to Ireland and continued to spread the message of Christianity. He died on 17th March at the age of 74 years.

The Shamrock


Throughout Saint Patrick’s illustrious journey of self-discovery and religious supremacy, the shamrock remained an essential symbol. The priest used the shamrock’s three-leafed face to explain the Holy Trinity – the interrelatedness yet uniqueness of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is how the shamrock became a major religious symbol for Saint Patrick’s Day.

The Color Green

While several accounts state the original color of Saint Patrick’s Day to be blue, it was eventually turned to green with respect to the iconic color of Irish landscapes. The shamrock may also have contributed to the color change. However, Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations have unanimously accepted green as the festive color.

So What Should You Be Doing On Saint Patrick’s Day?

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It used to be a dry day but Saint Patrick’s Day is now celebrated in full fervor. There’ll be parades, gatherings, parties, special activities, and Irish indulgences everywhere. So if you happen to be in Ireland at the time or you’re fortunate enough to attend celebrations hosted in any other part of the world, here’s a list of things you can do.

  • Dress up in green. And when it is about dressing up, the sky is the limit. A bright green t-shirt with a typical Irish gimmick is common. To take things up a notch, you might want to get a pair of green socks, a green hat, a red beard, or a shamrock-printed tie. Try dressing up as a leprechaun; you’ll fit right in!
  • Saint Patrick’s Day is not only about wearing green but also about accessorizing green. Try painting your hair bright green. You can even go for face painting – a little shamrock does the trick. Get some gorgeous Saint Patrick’s Day jewelry to go with your attire. Better still, look through the Saint Patrick’s Day Jewelry collection for more ideas. That’s how this Irish holiday is celebrated.
  • Whether it is a local parade, a pub, or someone’s home; make sure you gather your loved ones to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Enjoy some shamrock-shaped green donuts, make some green beer or get some green chocolate chip cookies. The idea of this celebration is to get together and bond while celebrating the eminent journey of one of the most loved evangelists – Saint Patrick.

What are you going to do this Saint Patrick’s Day? Do you have an interesting Saint Patrick’s Day story to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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