Since the history of bells, they’ve come a long way with profound meaning and symbolism to our everyday lives.

The Symbolism Associated with Bells

Bells hold immense symbolic significance. For this matter, there are varied views shared by different groups of people.

We’ll just share the lot here without taking sides.

  • Some people believe the empty dome of the bell represents the vault of heaven, its lip represents the horizon of the earth, and the clapper represents the power of word and voice while the emptiness within the dome represents all that is contained between the heaven and the earth. With this respect, the ringing of the bell represents a Divine message being created in the heaven and delivered to the earth in order to eliminate all evils.

  • Another group of people simply associate the ringing of the bell with happiness due to the psychological impact it has on the mind. The higher tones are known to uplift people’s spirit, giving them a sense of purpose and belonging. It is believed to bring peace and serenity, enabling them to connect with the higher self. The same group believes lower tones can actually dampen spirits and induce unhappiness.


  • The ringing of the bell symbolizes freedom. Typically, at the end of a war or a conflict, high-tone bells would be rung in their loudest volume to announce the end of oppression. The sound of the ringing bell still inculcates those emotions in people.

  • Ringing the bell at the time of marriage is believed to bless the couple with happiness and love. Hence, it became a tradition for most church weddings.

  • In Hinduism and Buddhism, the shape and nature of the bell symbolize wisdom and compassion, the sound emerging from emptiness and dissolving back into it. Most Hindu temples have a bell located centrally at the entrance for this reason.


  • Ringing the bell is known to ward off negativity, making space for positivity and spirituality. It is actually believed to help in connecting with higher realms of purity and unworldliness.


  • Some people consider bell to be a harmonic symbol – the hollow dome represents a female while the clapper represents a male; the balance and unity between the two creates a beautiful outcome in the form of a melody.

temple bells

No matter how people perceive the sound of a bell, it nevertheless has a positive impact on the mind and the soul. The sweet melody resonates with the spirit, reinforcing the good in life.

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