Synthetic Diamond

A company from India has developed a cost-effective diamond sensor that can detect synthetic diamonds within 50 seconds.

The machine named “D-Secure” has been developed by Dharmanandan Research Centre (DRC Techno) and is claimed to detect synthetic diamonds within seconds, negating the need for further testing.

It can scan polished and unpolished, colored and colorless diamonds ranging in size between 0.003 carats & 10 carats. The device even works on studded diamonds provided the stone is visible.

DRC Techno director Vipul Sutariya said, “The modern technology was developed to uphold consumer confidence while purchasing natural diamonds.”

“Consumers should know what they are buying,” he said.

“Synthetic diamonds may have their own space in the jewelry segment but mixing undisclosed synthetic diamonds with natural ones is like playing with someone’s emotions.”

Previous machines in the market can only detect till Type IIa diamonds, which then need to be further tested in labs.

This synthetic diamond detector can be used by suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers alike.

It has been launched at the September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair held from 16 to 22 September 2015.

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Source: Jeweller Magazine

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