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Bracelets that are crafted by skilled artisans using their hands.

Care for a Jewelry Adventure? The Curious Case of Balinese Jewelry

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Despite the traditional patterns of Balinese jewelry, you’ll be amazed to see how it blends with all sorts of outfits. You can practically pair up Balinese earrings or bracelets with anything in your wardrobe, ranging from urban to nondescript attires. They’re a fashion on their own! Read more to find out the complete story.

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How Tech Transformed the Friendship Bracelet?

Friendship Bracelets

The friendship bracelets are nothing new. But the way technology has revolutionized this piece of jewelry is not just interesting, it is outright amazing. These dynamic friendship bracelets from Gemio do not only connect wirelessly with each other, they’re also built to adapt to your outfit, whatever it may be. They’re trendy, tech-oriented and awesome!

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