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The flaws found inside a diamond or a gemstone.

How the Clarity & Grade of a Gemstone Affect its Value?

Blue Zircon

Grading a gemstone takes a lot of patience and skill, which inherently defines its value. Of particular interest to most gemologists is the clarity grade of a gemstone. This blog talks about how gemstones are graded and valued according to their clarity. How is Clarity defined? Keep reading to find out!

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Eye-Clean Diamonds – What, How and Why?

Diamond Cut

Absolutely flawless natural diamonds are extremely rare, pricey and often found exclusively on specialty diamond stores. However, VVS, VS or SI diamonds appear just the same with their imperfections visible only under the loupe. They’re referred to as eye-clean diamonds. Here’s everything you need to know about them to make an economical diamond-buying decision.

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