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A popular medium of adornment, typically includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and other similar pieces.

Jewelry Trends 2016: 5 Trends You Need to Get Hold of Now

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Here are the top 5 jewelry trends for Fall/Winter season 2016. Catch them before the end of the season and enjoy being the fashion diva everyone craves to be. It’s difficult to go wrong with this year’s top highlights in terms of Jewelry trends. Read more to find out what this entails.

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10 Different types of Earrings and How to Pair Them

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Since the beginning of time, earrings have been a major part of the fashion walk. They never seem to fall out of trend and are the most affordable piece of jewelry for all. These come in very handy when you’re out of options and you need an elegant quick fix. Here’s how you can pair them to look your best!

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Exclusive Saint Patrick’s Day Jewelry: Celebrating the Green Holiday

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Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. And as the day’s festivities creep up, you’ll find yourself hunting for green everywhere you go. If you don’t want to be seen wearing a giant bright green t-shirt or a hat, buy exclusive Saint Patrick’s Day jewelry to make a subtle yet noticeable statement.

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