The Myths and Realities of Chocolate Diamonds

Diamonds are precious as they are. But if you were given the task of further enhancing the value of a natural diamond, what would you do? Once the cut, clarity, color, and carat is factored in, you’re left with one thing to do – brand them in a way that adds value in the minds of the consumers.

This is what happened with Chocolate Diamonds®, a registered trademark of Le Vian.

Diamond traders are forever looking for ways to attract customers, be it the Valentine’s Day special, exclusive engagement rings, or classy anniversary presents. On one of these quests, the famous Chocolate Diamond® was discovered.

What’s So Chocolaty?

One of the most obvious things is the color of the diamond. Le Vian came up with a very specific standard for color, clarity and cut in order to be called Chocolate Diamonds®. The most notable outcome of this standard is a delicious brown color that’ll remind you to take your daily share of irresistible carbohydrates.

Chocolate Diamonds

However, there’s another perspective to this story. Chocolates are meant to be addictive, creating an obsession in chocolate lovers. It is this passion that the creators of Chocolate Diamonds® intended to transfer to their trademarked jewelry.

Were they successful? That’s an endless debate. And you’ll find out why it is so in just a minute!

The Myth and the Reality

Most people love chocolate; the color, the food, and everything else that is defined so. So when it comes to diamonds, this adjective works wonders in more or less the same way.

The myth has it; Chocolate Diamonds® are uncommon and exotic. The hefty price tag on these diamonds reflects the same. They act like a charm, enticing women to say “Yes” regardless of everything else. The reality, however, is a little different.

Not that women don’t love Chocolate Diamonds®, it is just that they’re not as uncommon as they’re made to believe. In fact, seasoned diamond traders believe brown diamonds are one of the most common types of diamonds that are extracted from the earth’s crust!

According to some estimates, roughly 80% of all diamonds mined are brown diamonds. Ironically, according to the traditional diamond grading scales, brown diamonds are classified as undesirable for their low quality.

Kudos to the marketing geniuses!

Is The Hefty Price Of Chocolate Diamonds® Justified?

Here’s another aspect to the story; not all brown diamonds are classified as Chocolate Diamonds®.

As mentioned previously, there are very specific criteria with respect to the cut, clarity, and color of the diamond that needs to be followed in order to earn the title of a Chocolate Diamond®. This exactitude limits the supply of Chocolate Diamonds®. So even though they’re not as rare as other fancy colored diamonds, they’re carefully picked and packaged to deliver the value you are looking for.

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