The Sparkle of Love and Diamonds

Heart Diamond Cut

Fear and love reside at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they are equally important. While fear, among other things, might be most fundamental for us to survive, it is love that allows us to thrive. Essential for co-existence, love is one of the strongest emotions known to man.

There are as many types of love – from filial to fraternal, sensual to platonic – as there are ways to express it. It is the base on which every human relationship pivots. But one type of love towers above the rest: the love we have for our companion – our soul-mate.

Heart Diamond

To have a soul mate, to share life with someone you cherish is the greatest feeling ever. And one should do everything in his power to ensure that his other half, his better half, knows about it.

Being thoughtful and considerate conveys that. But nothing symbolizes love like a flawless diamond. Synonymous with love since time immemorial, a diamond is a woman’s best friend. Breathtakingly beautiful, its incandescence has no equal, except the radiating skin of a woman in love.

The Paradox of Love and Diamonds

Even in its composition, a diamond reflects the paradoxical nature of this often incomprehensible emotion.

A diamond is the hardest substance known to man. The ancient Greeks called it “Adamas”, meaning “unbreakable”. But it is made up of carbon, one of the weakest elements known to man. A hard exterior created from a soft core is something quite a few with capricious love lives would attest to.

Yet, there is nothing better than a luminescent diamond to seal the heart of your beau. See her eyes sparkle in the same light that brings to the fore a fiery range of spectral colors that reside within this hard yet delicate stone.

The exquisite design and craftsmanship that goes in the creation of a round cut diamond, once it has been extracted from mother earth, has to be perfection itself for it to be truly spectacular. Just as in the case of love: it requires immense effort, compromise, and belief to maintain a loving relationship.

But those that do, like the best of diamonds, shine and sparkle with such luminosity that all else is reduced to insignificance. Are you ready to embrace the multitude of possibilities that await you? showcases a wide range of natural GIA certified diamonds online. Choose our signature laser inscribed “I Love You” and “Kiss Me” diamonds to embellish your love for one another. It is right here!

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