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The sound of a bell has a positive impact on the mind and soul. The sweet melody resonates with the spirit, reinforcing the good in life. The history of bells goes back more than four thousand years, representing goodness and prosperity all along.

We decided to bring these blissful objects to you in an innovative way so you can carry the positivity with you wherever you go. Introducing the Bell Collection at Roohi – your one-stop jewelry shop for all accessorizing needs!

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The Bell Collection – Now Online

The best part about the Bell Collection at Roohi is its versatility and meaning. Whether you’d like to wear it yourself as a good luck charm or gift it to a friend to show care, these bell pendants and necklaces fit every occasion perfectly.

Moreover, if you’re planning to gift it to a bride, or to bridesmaids for that matter, these necklaces share the deepest sentiments in a classy way. They even make the best Mother’s Day gifts, conveying love, care, and devotion to the finest lady in your life.

As for those men hoping to make a romantic gesture, the bell pendants encompass goodness at all ends, reflecting sincerity and purity of intention.

Here are some of the absolute must-have bell pendants for everyday wear.

  • Butterfly Bell Pendant

The butterfly represents femininity and freedom of spirit, the perfect symbol for the go-getters, and an inspiration for those searching for spiritual ease. The Butterfly Bell Pendant promises to uplift your spirits every day, preparing you for whatever comes your way.

  • Music Bell Pendant

Everybody loves music, but there are some who love it a little more than the rest. We took that obsession and transformed it into the perfect statement – a necklace that recognizes and appreciates your passion for music.

  • Harmony Bell Pendant

In a world where chaos abounds, you need more than just a symbolic expression to reinforce peace. The harmony bell pendant reinforces the symbolism of peace and spirituality in a language understood by all. Let’s spread the message of peace everywhere!

  • Nestled Hearts Bell Pendant

Whether you’ve heard the wedding bells or not, the nestled hearts bell pendant shows you’re loved, respected, and held close to the heart. It represents your relationship; how two hearts nestled together to create the most beautiful bond in the world. It simply says you’re happy, committed, and devoted to your significant other.

There’s more in our Bell Collection; you might want to explore it. But we’d like to warn you beforehand – each of the pendants and necklaces is outright amazing, so you might want to buy them all. They’re the perfect everyday accessory that makes you feel happy, content and spiritually elevated.

Grab yours today!

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