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White Day: Reciprocating the Innocence and Purity of Love

Precisely one month after the Valentine’s Day, on March 14th, the White Day is celebrated in countries like Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Also known as the “Answer Day”, the idea is to reciprocate the love shown by women on February 14th.

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Valentine’s Day in these countries is a contrasting affair. This day is marked by women giving gifts to the men in their life, be it “the one” or just some friendly acquaintances. They’d typically cook chocolate: honmei-choco (the chocolate of love) or giri-choco (courtesy chocolate). The men aren’t obliged to respond to these romantic gestures until 14th March, the White Day.

Men would typically follow sanbai gaeshi, giving gifts that would be two to three times more valuable than the Valentine’s gifts they received. Most notably, this would involve expensive jewelry.

And when it’s about jewelry, Roohi tops the list.

Here are some of the highly recommended White Day Jewelry from Roohi. You can view the entire White Day Jewelry Collection.

  1. Angelic White Swarovski Element Halo Stud Earrings. They fit the mood perfectly, radiating the purity and wholesome goodness of love. Perfectly aligned with the theme of White Day, these stud earrings make the perfect answer to her (Valentine’s Day) question.


    Angelic White Swarovski Element Halo Stud Earrings

  1. Sterling Silver Diamond Earrings. Their quality and finesse will have her swooning over these. An exquisite pair of earrings that are worth every dollar. She’ll remember your classy White Day gift for years to come!

Sterling Silver Diamond Earrings

  1. Simple, royal, and outright amazing, this Pearl and Spindel Necklace represents timeless fashion. The best part about this gift: she can pair it with almost every attire. It’s the perfect everyday reminder of your love.
Pearl and Spindel Necklace

Pearl and Spindel Necklace

  1. Spotlight Diamond Necklace. As the name suggests, it automatically attracts the spotlight. Its delicate design and three-stone setting make it perfect for special occasions, a subtle yet noticeable reminder of your never-ending support and care.
Spotlight Diamond Necklace

Spotlight Diamond Necklace

  1. This Curved Silver Bangle Bracelet is well-known for its versatility. It fits perfectly and adds a bit of glamor to every attire. It is simple, yet impossible to miss. One thing’s for sure: she’ll love it!

Curved Silver Bangle Bracelet

  1. Diamond Band Ring, set with .04 carat diamonds, personifies love. It is one of the classiest rings on our White Day Jewelry Collection, a beauty that’ll bloom on your loved one’s hands. She won’t be able to take her eyes off!
Diamond Band Ring

Diamond Band Ring

  1. Nothing says “I Love You Infinitely” better than this Diamond Infinity Ring. Simplistic symbolic design coupled with a string of diamonds; this is all you need to make the White Day remarkable for her. This White Gold jewelry is elegant and magnificent.
Diamond Infinity Ring

Diamond Infinity Ring

Let us know which how you’ll be celebrating White Day this year. Any plans about making this a truly memorable day for her? Feel free to share your ideas, views and suggestions.

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