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Essential Oils for: Vermifuge



Details of Vermifuge

Vermifuge is defined as an anthelmintic medicine. Herbs such as agrimony, andiroba oil, andrographis, asafetida root, bergamot oil, birch bark and leaf, black cohosh root, black walnut, butternut, camphor, cashew nut, castor oil, chamomile, cinnamon, coptis, elecampane, epazote, eucalyptus, false unicorn root, forsythia fruit, fumitory, garlic, gingko biloba, goji berries, goldenseal, hyssop, juniper berries, lavender, lemon balm, long pepper pippali, mayapple, papaya, peppermint, pomegranate, prickly ash, pumpkin seed, quassia, rosemary, spilanthes, tansy, thuja oil, thyme, turmeric, and wormwood are known to expel parasites and kill off internal parasites by either stunning or killing them without causing significant or long lasting damage to the host.

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