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Crown Chakra Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Crown Chakra

Chakra Color


Sahasrara's Element


Mantra of the Crown

I Know

Crown Chakra Basics

This Chakra Represents

Presence, Awareness, Consciousness

Crown Lesson

To experience the divine meaning of life.

Crown Chakra is Responsible For

The Crown Chakra is responsible for true awareness and true bliss. An underactive crown chakra leads to contemptuous attitudes towards mysticism and spirituality. These are the people who find life to be meaningless and have lost their connection with their true selves. An overactive crown chakra leads one to lose their connection with their earthly selves and distance themselves from worldly materials. These people minds are infested with unrealistic ideals. A balanced crown chakra allows one to be truly connected to the universe and everything around them. When balanced, a person is able to find where they fit in the universe along with where they fit in the physical world. They have a balance of the two and are able demonstrate divine awareness by noticing relevant universal truths and relating it to those whose minds are constrained to the physical world.

Chakra Location

Top of the head

Related Endocrine Gland


When the Crown Chakra is Balanced

Balanced: Bliss, true awareness, spiritually connected, divine union, claircognition

  • Strong sense of interconnectedness with the all that exists
  • Awareness and access to higher knowing
  • Able to leverage tools from the subconscious and unconcious mind
  • Unshakable faith and inner guidance
  • Harmoniously using both left and right sides of the brian
  • Self realization

Overactive Crown Symptoms

Obsessive thoughts about the future, Obsessive Spirituality, Negligent of Worldly Duties

  • Addicted to spirituality
  • Excessively gullibile
  • Disconnected from worldly matters
  • Material averse

Underactive Crown Symptoms

Rigid, Selfish, Spiritually Unaware. Lack of meaning in life

  • Cynical towards spirituality
  • Feeling a lack of purpose in life
  • Blaming of life's circumstances on external scapegoats
  • Disconnect with the flow of life
  • Feeling disconnected from a higher Source
  • Disconnected from reality
  • Held back by limiting beliefs and a lack of inspiration
  • Attaches the emotional chains of denial shame to self

How To Balance the Crown Chakra

Meditate, pray, grow spiritually, be aware of the limitations of your senses, know timelessness, find divinity in all that exists.

Step 1. Aromatherapy

Use essential oils like vetiver, sandalwood, rose, cedarwood, lavender, helichrysum, galbanum, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, spikenard and gurjum to unblock the crown chakra. These have the ability to raise your spiritual consciousness, enabling you to visualize things in a better perspective.

Essential Oils

Step 2. Tailored Diets

Since this part of the chakra connects to a different level of existence, it is normally not regulated by food. It is highly recommended to consume light foods and indulge heartily in meditation for optimal benefit.

Step 3. Physical Activity

As far as yoga is concerned, try half lotus pose, corpse pose, supported headstand pose and tree pose to exude energy towards the crown chakra. It is all about awakening a different dimension altogether. So it’s better to align all other chakras before focusing on this one

Yoga Pose

Step 4. Mental Visualizations

Stimulate your crown chakra by visualizing a golden orb of bright light descending on the top of your head. Let this light illuminate all the darkness that exists in your life, alleviating negative thoughts and replacing them with better dreams and aspirations. Feel invigorated and inspired to achieve greater goals. This is all there is to balancing the crown chakra.


Step 5. Healing Stones

This is where the theme changes. For healing the crown chakra, you need selenite, clear quartz, amethyst or diamond. These gemstones, with their clear and colorless cores, offer the ability to purify your thoughts and concerns, paving the way for spiritual awareness.

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