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Root Chakra Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Root Chakra

Chakra Color


Muladhara's Element


Mantra of the Root

I Am

Root Chakra Basics

This Chakra Represents

Security, Safety, Survival

Root Lesson

To feel safe and secure in the physical realm and manifest our basic animal needs.

Root Chakra is Responsible For

The Root Chakra is responsible for a sense of stability and security. The dichotomy of an unbalanced root chakra is similar to that of the "fight or flight" response. An underactive root chakra puts someone into "flight" mode where one would feel fear of being physically harmed. An overactive root chakra would push someone into "fight" mode and cause them to be overly aggressive. Although the "fight or flight" response is necessary in times where our survival is challenged, going into fight or flight when inappropriate can heavily damage the quality of your life.

Chakra Location

Base of the spine

Related Endocrine Gland


When the Root Chakra is Balanced

Grounded, stable, present and focused, reliable, physical vitality, strength, and stamina. Able to meet security needs and relate to the world as a safe, providing place in which you belong. Ability to put your ideas into action, and be accountable.

  • Grounded and feeling present in your body and connected with the earth.
  • Feeling centered and balanced even while facing adversity.
  • Able to meet security needs and relate to the world as a safe, providing place in which you belong.
  • Feeling reserves of physical vitality, strength, and stamina.

Overactive Root Symptoms

Physically Aggressive, Impulsive, Reckless, Domineering

  • Being short tempered and quick to resort to anger or relatiation.
  • Uncalled for aggressiveness.
  • Compulsive physical drives.
  • Hoarding materials, obsessed with greed and overly focused on security needs.

Underactive Root Symptoms

Overly Cautious, Apathy, Requires Validation from Others, Passivity, Lethargy

  • Tendency of experiencing fear, anxiety, or nervousness
  • Finding difficulty in committing
  • Feeling easily unwelcome in social settings
  • Feeling valueless
  • Resorting to escapism

How To Balance the Root Chakra

Physical activities, full body massage, exercise, sitting in grounded positions (both feet flat on the floor).

Step 1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy helps in balancing the root chakra. Try using essential oils like ylang ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, rosemary, and myrrh in your daily routine. They’ll help you feel more grounded.

Essential Oils

Step 2. Tailored Diets

Certain foods can help you feel grounded and balanced. To help heal the root chakra, include meat, soy, eggs, parsnips, beans, tofu, beets, and rainbow chard in your diet.

Chakra Foods

Step 3. Physical Activity

According to specialists, stomping your feet on the floor, dancing, walking, or showering can instantly boost your root chakra. If you’re still not feeling rooted, try getting a pedicure or indulging in yoga. The tree pose is known to be particularly beneficial in healing the root chakra.

Yoga Pose

Step 4. Mental Visualizations

The color of the root chakra is red. Visualize this color at the base of your spine, gently getting stronger and moving along your spine to your head. Doing this can mentally unclog your first chakra, paving the way for complete healing.


Step 5. Healing Stones

Red colored stones like garnet, carnelian, bloodstone and jasper are predominantly used in balancing the root chakra. Other stones that are known to have the same vibrational frequencies as the root chakra include hematite, jet, smoky quartz, and rhodochrosite. You can wear these gemstones in the form of jewelry to maximize their impact on your life.

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