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Throat Chakra Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Throat Chakra

Chakra Color


Vishuddha's Element


Mantra of the Throat

I Speak

Throat Chakra Basics

This Chakra Represents

Self Expression, Communication, Connection

Throat Lesson

To be heard and understood, to give and receive the Truth.

Throat Chakra is Responsible For

The Throat Chakra is responsible for communication and morality. The effect of lower chakras upon higher ones is most prominent in the Throat Chakra. The Heart Chakra's receiving and giving can be observed in the throat chakra's balance of listening and speaking respectively. Moreover, ones level of confidence, enjoyment of life, and sense of security resonates in the individual's vocal volume, tone of voice and choice of words. An underactive throat chakra leaves one to be inexpressive, shy, and possibly withhold words that may be urgent or dire. An overactive throat chakra leads one to interrupt others and domineer conversations and in more extreme cases to speak without thinking at all. One with a balanced throat chakra is an honest open person with a good balance between listening and speaking.

Chakra Location

Base of the neck

Related Endocrine Gland


When the Throat Chakra is Balanced

Open and honest, clear voice, articulate, authentic listener, balanced listener and speaker, good communication skills.

  • Able to speak concisely
  • Able to articulate self clearly
  • Balanced listener and speaker.
  • Remains open and honest in all contexts
  • Demonstrates traits of an authentic listener

Overactive Throat Symptoms

Critical, Judgemental, Domineering. In disharmony with own feelings

  • Interrupting and domineering conversations
  • Overly talkative and quick to gossip
  • Demonstrates tactlessness
  • Poor listening skills
  • Senstive and easily insulted by words

Underactive Throat Symptoms

Hesitant to express views. Unable to stand up for self. Unable to express feelings.

  • Inexpressive and withdrawn
  • Resistant to expressing feelings and ideas
  • Holding back opinions and constructive criticism even when it is asked for
  • Social anxiety
  • Afraid of speaking out
  • Inhibited creativity

How To Balance the Throat Chakra

Speak your truth, practice balancing listening and speaking in conversation, practice singing, find new ways to express yourself, listen to the sounds of your environment, be honest to yourself and others, quit bitching.

Step 1. Aromatherapy

Do you like using essential oils for physical, mental and emotional healing? The throat chakra, the fifth chakra of tantra, responds well to sandalwood, neroli, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and frankincense scents. Use them in your daily routine or at least once in a week to clarify your throat chakra.

Essential Oils

Step 2. Tailored Diets

The color of this chakra is blue, so consume blue colored foods to clarify the throat chakra. You can find them in the form of blueberries. Besides this, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, and plums are also known to be great for this chakra. Munch on fruits that fall off trees to gain creative inspiration and to balance your throat chakra.

Chakra Foods

Step 3. Physical Activity

Especially for the throat chakra, besides yoga, the best way to address the imbalance is to use the vocals. Verbal communication sets the throat chakra in motion. Talk your heart out and express those deepest desires you’ve hoarded in your heart for life. Apart from this, you can get into a fish pose, lion pose, shoulder stand pose or plow pose to release blocked energies around this area.

Yoga Pose

Step 4. Mental Visualizations

Think blue. The color of this chakra is beautiful and abundant – just look up and see the sky during day time. When you’re meditating, visualize intense blue energy entering the throat region or any other “diseased” space. Let this energy heal you, eliminating tension and releasing stress. Feel the warmth spreading all through the body. Your throat chakra is going to get very happy!


Step 5. Healing Stones

Since the color of this chakra is blue, wearing amazonite, lapis lazuli, turquoise and aquamarine jewelry can really make a lot of difference. Stock up on blue colored jewelry to balance your throat chakra.

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