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Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Today's Horoscope for Aquarius

Intensity: 59%
  • adaptable, self expressive
Daily Horoscope: Your independent streak is a mile wide today. If someone tries to tell you how to think, you'll resist! You want to chart your own course. If there's a new idea or theory to discover, you'll find it on your own. Of course, you're savvy enough to recognize a good teacher when you see one. If someone offers you advice or other insight, take it for what it's worth.(c) Kelli Fox, The Astrologer,

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Full Summary

Start Date:January 20 End Date:February 18

Element: Air

Likes: Connecting with close ones, promoting welfare of others, intellectual stimulation, to be heard

Dislikes: Restrictions, unkept promises, feeling lonely, dull events, contradictions

Best Compatible With: Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra

Aquarius Attributes: People born during this period are more open to giving to people in need, working as social helpers, humanitarians and philanthropists. They are truthful and sincere with whomever they are associated with. Often mistaken as extremists, detached, cold and inconsistent, they just need to be sure the mental connection between them and the concerned will allow them their minimal needed space and freedom. They want to make the world a better place to live in. On their journey to involve others in their efforts to improve the world, they make a lot of good friends.

Aquarius Ideal Partner: Aquarius-born often live in their own thoughts, so they really admire a partner that would listen and care about the creative thoughts they create. Getting their attention for romantic relationship approaches should only be advanced after you are sure of your friendship. Since they don’t really care about anyone else’s opinion. their self confidence makes them really attractive to their partner candidates. Usually, if you are best friends with an Aquarian before you enter your romantic aura, chances are your relationship will get very far. Memories made with them are guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Aquarius in a Relationship: Aquarians try to please their crushes even if they know they might not stand a chance. This earnestness is putting forth effort is really adorable and usually builds a long lasting foundation for the two in the relationship. Things might also get a little rough with an Aquarian since they tend to add drama to situations. They demand freedom and individuality from their partners. To their partners, relationships might feel superficial because of their conversations being mostly random. This makes their partners hooked to them since they never know what’s next in the unpredictable Aquarian world.

Aquarius Priorities: Freedom and the ability to stick firmly on what they believe are the basics of priorities for Aquarians. They have a high yearn to sharpen their confidence and self esteem that goes beyond physical appearance. They tend to be very specific in choosing how they want to present themselves to the world.

Aquarius Skills: Their analytical minds drive them towards being really good researches. They are most interested in getting to learn from whomever they meet, surpass new horizons of knowledge in whatever they do.

Aquarius and People: Keeping in mind that they are highly intellectual people, closeness to others means vulnerability to them. They search for creativity, integrity and intellect in their tobe confidants. They have a sense of duty to make sure their relatives are satisfied by the effort they put forth, and expect the same from them in return. Failure to do so will make an Aquarius part ways from you.

Aquarius in a Day: An Aquarian’s favorite part of the day can include anything from doing something solely for the interest of another human’s need to sharing intellectual thoughts with a close one. Such moments make them feel full of joy and give them the reasons to love their life.

Aquarius Mindset: They posses an unconventional mindset. This atypical behavior makes them rebellious in nature. They are deep thinkers who love going out of their way to help people. Many Aquarius are also progressive-minded and they prefer to follow their intuition. They cannot relate to people who do not see the world like them. To them, personal space matters more than the ease and comfort of the other person concerned.

Aquarius Dealing with Problems: They are able to look at problems without prejudice, which makes them people who can easily solve complex problems. They hold a true to the core sense of justice, and really hate it when they see someone’s rights not being served. There needs to be a motivation behind them doing the work for anything.

Aquarius Emotions: They feel the need for freedom more than the fear of loneliness. They take their time getting close and comfortable with new friends, which can sometimes make it really difficult for them to have a large circle. Therefore, this can make them end up very lonely.

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