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Gemini Zodiac Sign

Today's Horoscope for Gemini

Intensity: 87%
  • one-sided, fervor
Daily Horoscope: The world is your oyster today. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your adventure. It's a perfect day for learning something new. This can be formalized through taking a class, or it can be an informal, impromptu process. That's what 'the world is your oyster' means -- your pearl of knowledge is out there, just waiting to be discovered. So where will you search for it first?(c) Kelli Fox, The Astrologer,

Gemini Zodiac Sign Full Summary

Start Date:May 21 End Date:June 20

Element: Air

Likes: Mysticism, speaking her mind, making new friends, discovering and exploring the world

Dislikes: Mundane routines, feeling stuck, feeling lonely

Best Compatible With: Aquarius, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius

Gemini Attributes: They are charming, friendly, and positive people. They chat endlessly which usually involved intellectual talk rather than chit chat. They love listening to others and learning from them. They have amazing understanding and learning skills and can grasp on to any concept or idea like it’s their own. Problem is usually them not being able to sustain their dedication levels for long. These people are really sensitive and get hurt easily, just as they forgive and forget.

Gemini Ideal Partner: Gemini love personal attention and expect it from their partners. They are very articulate and expect the same from their significant others. People who enjoy debates and arguments, or any type of productive conversation are great match for Gemini

Gemini in a Relationship: A Gemini will always want to talk to you. They care a lot about the people they love. They are great listeners and one of the easiest signs when considering relationship hassles. They love personal attention and hate being bored. Gemini can be identified as moody just because they can change their mental direction quickly. They are not moody in the emotional sense with their partners. They require extra convincing if you need to make up with them. Once things are smooth enough, they will be as sweet as ever. they need to be told they are loved and appreciated. Gemini prove to be the most understanding partners of all zodiac.

Gemini Priorities: Communication is their deepest need. They want to know what is going on the other person’s mind and if they are as responsive as themselves or not. They consider generosity as one of the main characteristics of their personality and do everything they can to ensure its growth. They like to be expressive and eloquent, both needs really important for them. Family is really important to a Gemini and they tend to sacrifice a lot for them.

Gemini Skills: They are one of the most friendly people you will come across. They are intelligent, courageous and very restless. Gemini are one of the most tolerant of all zodiac, and can bare a lot when it comes to emotional pain or distress. They are capable of tuning in to another person’s feelings and understanding their pain.

Gemini and People: Gemini love conversation. People who enjoy to indulge in intellectual and curious talks are their favorites. They are usually humorous people. They love talking to and interacting with people who are alike. Since they tend to have lack of concentration, they like being around people who will push them to get things done. Gemini exaggerate things quite a bit, so they like people who can keep themselves from being annoyed by this.

Gemini in a Day: A Gemini does not demand much from life and can be made happy by the simplest things in life. Their best days are fairly simple. They are curious about life and loved ones feelings. They enjoy a day out in nature as much as they will love a friend’s company. A combination of both is heaven for Gemini. They cherish every experience and remember it for ever.

Gemini Mindset: Gemini are intellectual and curious about everything in life. They are rational and practical people who admire creativity. They are great listeners which gives them the ability to grasp on to a lot of perspectives. This allows them to be really understanding when needed. They have a tolerant attitude towards life are are really patient. They are always up for an adventure or even a change in lifestyle.

Gemini Dealing with Problems: Gemini care a lot about the relationships they have in life. They go out of their way to make time and meet their loved ones. Their positive approach helps them talk things out with people concerned instead of holding grudges in heart. They are very supportive and open to advices when it comes to helping others. A Gemini might face problems when they get in a misunderstanding with a loved one since they are incapable of seeing wrong in their behavior.

Gemini Emotions: Gemini are greatly sensitive people. Their tolerant self will feel everything even if they pretend to be ok with everything. They love being acknowledged for their efforts and assured of affection that helps drive their insecurity away. They get emotional without a hitch but can be brought back to life just as easily.

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