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Pisces Zodiac Sign

Today's Horoscope for Pisces

Intensity: 84%
  • impatient, gambler
Daily Horoscope: Today, fascinating realms beckon to you, offering exciting adventures. New ideas seem incredible and compelling. New subjects beg you to dig in and learn. The only problem with all this? You're even more gullible today than usual. Something that seems too good to be true probably is -- but you'll have a hard time seeing that now. Rely on trusted friends who can steer you straight!(c) Kelli Fox, The Astrologer,

Pisces Zodiac Sign Full Summary

Start Date:February 19 End Date:March 20

Element: Water

Likes: Relaxing, 'me time', romance, sleeping, captivating music

Dislikes: Being patronized, criticism, being reminded of past mistakes

Best Compatible With: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo

Pisces Attributes: Pisces are selfless people who think more about others than they do about themselves. they are spiritual, liberal and intuitive. They are immensely expressive and expect the concerned to understand their feelings and emotions. It is not easy for them to put themselves in conflict with their loved ones, which is why they do their best to resolve any kind of issues with full zeal.

Pisces Ideal Partner: They seek romantic love and relationships more than all the zodiac. This is very special for their partners and makes their love longing for Aquarians, strengthening their spiritual bond. Pisces want their partners to open up first, nudging them in the direction of romance and intimacy. This is because of their sensitivity and intuitiveness, and their belief that their heart is completely handed over to the partner once they give themselves to them.

Pisces in a Relationship: If they have had a painful breakup in the past or a wounded heart, it will be hard for them to put themselves up for vulnerability again. All pisces partners tend to have issues with the disorganization and indiscipline of Pisces-borns. The have a lot of clutter in their minds due to their overemotional states which can cause complications with their partners. Pisces wholeheartedly entwine the notion of romance, friendship and soulmate love. They fall in love hard when they do. They always intend to comply with their partners needs to work things out rather than giving up carelessly. They have a propensity to detect if something is wrong even before it happens.

Pisces Priorities: Love and care are high up in their priority lists than any other thing. They are after emotional attachment more than any other zodiac. Communication with their loved ones is very important to Pisces. Since they battle between powerful emotions, emotional fulfillment is their number one noteworthiness for them.

Pisces Skills: They usually have a wonderful intuitive understand of life and thrive to achieve the best of relationships they can during their share of lifetime. They are most famous for their wisdom, selflessness and patience. Their ability to tune into others emotions makes them one of the best kind of listeners. They feel best in the profession where they are dead sure their creativity will grow ten folds.

Pisces and People: People who care about their feelings and show appreciation and affection to their effort are Pisces’ favorites. Given such people, Pisces can be the best of friends that can exist. They really admire those who will give them a chance to discuss their interest in the spiritual and supernatural.

Pisces in a Day: Their favorite part of the day is definitely when they get to spend quality time with their loved ones. Showing compassion, kindness and love to loved ones makes their day like no other. Dreamy dates are the best kind to surprise a Pisces partner as it will take them for a trip into their own utopia.

Pisces Mindset: Pisces are all forgiving and never judgmental. They do have a lack of clarity of mind, which makes them really suffer at times. They have a bad habit of failing to distinguish reality from fantasy land. They want to live in a perfect world where nobody harms no one and everyone is happy

Pisces Dealing with Problems: They are compassionate and generous, which sometimes makes them take over the reigns of fixing problems within the household in case something goes wrong. They are always at the forefront trying to resolve problems between people they care about.

Pisces Emotions: Pisces tend to be overemotional at times, which acts as a major obstacle in their paths. They have a great issue in holding back on their emotions and feelings should something go wrong in their relationships. They are ultra sensitive but very quick to forgiving and forgetting.

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