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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Today's Horoscope for Sagittarius

Intensity: 85%
  • scholarly, vision
Daily Horoscope: Your theme, motto and goal today should be 'outward bound' -- in any way that applies. Get out of the house, first and foremost. If possible, hit the road. Explore a new neighborhood, or better yet, a new town. If you can't do that, explore the world virtually through reading or watching films. And above all, let your mind wander. Entertain new ideas. Develop new theories. Make mental connections between seemingly unrelated elements.(c) Kelli Fox, The Astrologer,

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Full Summary

Start Date:November 22 End Date:December 21

Element: Fire

Likes: Freedom, excursions, being enveloped in nature, travel, the big picture

Dislikes: Limitations, feeling constricted, clingy people, baseless comments

Best Compatible With: Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra

Sagittarius Attributes: Sagittarius are the most unpredictable people of all zodiac. Often mistaken as selfish people, they are curious and idealistic. They often tend to promise more than they can deliver, but that doesn’t hold them back from being optimistic and enthusiastic about new challenges. They are energetic and very impatient.

Sagittarius Ideal Partner: Sagittarius enjoy living their life to the fullest, living each moment on its own. They love being taken outdoors and on long adventures, so people who have great date ideas are the type of partners Sagittarius are looking for. They love people who have an adventurous spirit and are open to changes. You need to see everything as a challenge and give a wild aroma to attract a Sagittarius. They do not like being unhappy in a relationship, and will walk out the door if you give them a sense that it is going to be difficult.

Sagittarius in a Relationship: Do not expect them to fall in love with you immediately. Once in a relationship, they prove to be the most exciting of all zodiacs. They are deeply caring and loving partners who love surprising their significant others with exciting adventurous spirit. They do not like being unhappy in a relationship, and will walk out the door if you give them a sense that it is going to be difficult. They will be the most exciting and romantic partners once they are completely comfortable with you.

Sagittarius Priorities: They care about their freedom more than any other thing on the list. They will not let their independence be sacrificed for any cause. If you prove to a Sagittarius what they’re doing for you is not suffice, they will simply stop doing it. They are willing to give a lot to keep their free-spirited personality and happiness. They want their bucket list to be full of experiences and will make a great effort to be the most adventurous they can.

Sagittarius Skills: Sagittarius are the possessors of the best sense of humor amongst the entire zodiac. Sagittarius- born have skills to remodel their ideas and thoughts into realistic actions. They are great listeners and thinkers. They usually come off as being rude because of their habit of saying how they feel no matter undiplomatic it is.

Sagittarius and People: They like growth mindset people who are sure of what they want from life. A Sagittarius does not like clingy people or being constrained. People who can help them grow and add to their knowledge are their favorites. They love traveling with those who share their love for world experience. They deeply admire people who are always ready to try something new and add to their experience list. They love diversity and culture, making friends wherever they go.

Sagittarius in a Day: Sagittarius are travel addicts. They want to see every part of the world and experience everything there is. As much as they love freedom, they are always looking to be surprised. Their favorite day can be nothing else but a spontaneous trip to somewhere far away from daily routines and responsibilities. They are fun loving people who love spending resources to earn experiences. An outdoor experience allows them to fuel their adventurous spirit and add to their bucket list.

Sagittarius Mindset: They are optimistic and will do possibly anything to achieve their goals. Although they believe that the universe will provide them with everything they need, they are always visualizing ways to achieve their goals and ambitions. They always have something on their mind, which makes them great in counterattacking during an argument or a discussion. They might feel over-confident at times due to their vibrant self.

Sagittarius Dealing with Problems: They are anxious people who often lose control of the situation when it comes to dealing with problems. They have trouble staying calm but think about every aspect of the hurdle they are facing before coming to a decision. They will often make hasty decisions due to their optimistic and enthusiastic behavior. They overthink a lot making the situation worse than it actually is.

Sagittarius Emotions: A Sagittarius takes everything to heart. They tend to remember the painful parts of the memories more than the happier ones. They are care free people in general who are expressive about what they feel and will not care about how their honesty will be perceived. They forgive, but forget less often.

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