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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio

Intensity: 55%
  • jaunty, tactless
Daily Horoscope: You're always looking deeply inward, whether into your own thoughts and feelings or someone else's. Today, turn your focus outward. Get broadminded, lighthearted and optimistic. It's time to lighten your mental load, if only for a day. Movies and novels are a great escape now, because they transport you to another time and place. And ultimately, they still give you insight and help you understand human nature better.(c) Kelli Fox, The Astrologer,

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Full Summary

Start Date:October 23 End Date:November 21

Element: Water

Likes: Honesty, factual arguments, having the last say, life long friendhips, passion

Dislikes: Revealing secrets, dishonesty, overly passive people

Best Compatible With: Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus

Scorpio Attributes: Scorpios are fierce and unemotional. They are not shy unless they are hurt, which is when they go into their den. Although they sometimes tend to look at things with a shorter angle of perspective, they are quite understanding when it comes to loved ones.

Scorpio Ideal Partner: Scorpios usually prefer their partners to be similar in personality like themselves. They want intelligent and honest partners. They like action oriented people as candidates for romantic relationships. They love devoted, patient and ambitious attitude in their partners. Scorpios want the satisfaction of achieving the hard earned so they love partners who play hard to get. They like confidant and flirtatious partners who can applaud their mysterious character.

Scorpio in a Relationship: They tend to fall in love very carefully to avoid being hurt. They take their time in building trust and comfortability with their significant others. They develop a deep emotional attraction with their partners and demand intense loyalty and trust. Scorpios do tend to be really obsessive and jealous when in relationships, which might scare some of their loved ones off. They like playing games in relationships to keep things exciting. They are not willing to give the reins of control to their significant other. Earning a Scorpio’s love requires a lot of effort and patience. Their partners should avoid getting into arguments with them since they are not the type to forgive and forget.

Scorpio Priorities: They have a hidden wish to succeed even in the most harsh lifestyles. They make sure they are resilient and dedicated. They are very responsible in terms of taking care of their family and demand nothing but respect and affection in return. To them, devotion and loyalty are the top priorities in relationships.

Scorpio Skills: They are extremely passionate people not to be taken lightly, if they ever decide to get even with someone who has hurt them, it is time to run for help. They are fair in nature and honest by the soul. Their quick-witted persona attracts a lot of fun loving people. Being great listeners, they are one of the best people to share secrets with. The are really good at having conversations which helps the other person be clear of where they stand with a Scorpio. They remember every little detail that they can so that they can anticipate how to make you happy, or they might have to use it some day in a revengeful purpose.

Scorpio and People: Scorpios like loyal friends who they can rely on even in tough times. Be sure to never let a Scorpio down, because then there is no point of return.

Scorpio in a Day: A Scorpio’s favorite part of the day would be when they get to experience something new with their partner. Due to their alluring and enticing nature, they are masters of making everything a lifelong memory. The experiences you share with a Scorpio will haunt you for the rest of your life. They love fulfilling their partners fantasies and demands.

Scorpio Mindset: Scorpios are curious minded people who need to be in constant search of ways to satisfy their curiosity. They do everything intensely and are quite traditional in their way of living. A Scorpio lives by give and get, so in order to receive something from them you need to reciprocate it

Scorpio Dealing with Problems: Scorpios often get accused of being dominating. When in reality, they just want to make everything smooth and sound for everyone on their own. They have good skills of cutting the chase and getting right to the point. They quickly see through useless information so if a situation is not the way it is, they will be the first ones to find out. The negative trait is that they are extremists in life and that can hurt them down the road when they are trying to balance something in their life.

Scorpio Emotions: Scorpios tend to be really emotional when they are hurt. It is almost impossible to make a Scorpio feel better when they are emotionally in pain. If their feelings are ever hurt they do not tend to forgive and forget at all. They are secretive and go out to seek revenge rather than just getting over it.

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