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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Today's Horoscope for Taurus

Intensity: 69%
  • swaggering, flamboyant
Daily Horoscope: You may feel restless today. Or maybe it's your friends and family members who are restless. Though you might need them now, they may not be available. But that's not such a bad thing, is it? Seek out an adventurous new experience of your own. Don't get hung up on wishing for greater closeness or more contact with others. Find a solo adventure. Have fun being your own, interesting self.(c) Kelli Fox, The Astrologer,

Taurus Zodiac Sign Full Summary

Start Date:April 20 End Date:May 20

Element: Earth

Likes: Manual activites, fashion, nature, serentiy, cooking, music

Dislikes: Breaking plans, ignoring protocol, disorder, synthetic fabrics

Best Compatible With: Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo

Taurus Attributes: Tauruses are reliable, practical people who show responsibility in no matter what area of life. They love to do their chores on their own. Well grounded Taurus feel the need to be surrounded by nature and beauty, and be involved in what happens around the world. They tend to have fixed opinions which none of their friends and family can try to change. Tauruses can stay focused and dedicated for eternity. This being one of their greatest strengths, helps them achieve a positive approach towards life

Taurus Ideal Partner: Taurus will search for partners that provide them easy, comfort and support. The kind of people who motivate them to remain steadfast in their focused mission are the ones Taurus need. Trust is a really important factor for them. If a Taurus can’t trust you, you might not have a chance with them. Because they dislike artificiality, they won’t be perplexed by your flirty conversations. Instead, invest your energy in making them feel completely safe and trusted with you. For once they are committed, they will hold your hand through thick and thin

Taurus in a Relationship: Taurus possess an inability to forgive any kind of mistake which hurt their ego. Their fixed, static character does not allow them to forgive betrayal, or chase anyone for their affection and kindness. They do not give into their desires so easily, therefore if you really are persistent. You might have a chance in owning the precious Taurus heart. They become close, comfortable, loyal and trusted to whoever proves them they can be trusted.

Taurus Priorities: Their friends and family are one of the main vitalities in life. Their career and punctuality is what they live by for their whole lives. Rarely will you ever see a Taurus unstable. To them, choosing where to spend their time and energy is an important decision. They make sure they aren’t wasting their resources and utilize every asset they can to propel them forward.

Taurus Skills: Taurus tend to be a one man show. They do not like relying on others to get their job done. They would rather do it themselves instead. Their constructiveness allows them to learn a multi-skill set over the course of their lives, building fearlessness and establishing composure. They like to be stubborn to protect their domination, but that should not be confused with over confidence. Since if a Taurus makes their mind up for something, they sure will find a way to do it

Taurus and People: Taurus like people who can help them learn more and assist in getting their work done. This is one of the reasons they are usually confused as being selfish and possessing a dogmatic attitude. They like those who are averse to taking risks, and those who do not talk trash. Rarely seen anywhere else in the zodiac, a Taurus’s main guard to their stability is their close-mindedness to new ideas and changes. They do not like temperamental people since they are one themselves.

Taurus in a Day: Taurus love money and work really hard to earn it. They are strict about punctuality and discipline. They also adore their family and care really deeply about matters related to them. Their favorite part of the day would be when they get to work or when they host house parties, or celebrate an event together with family.

Taurus Mindset: They have the ability to look at things from a strict, firm grounded perspective and take realistic decisions. What others confuse for stubbornness is actually commitment that the Taurus have made with their inner self. They possess a realistic mindset but thrive to endure any hardships and stay rigid on their choices until they achieve the personal satisfaction they are always in the search for.

Taurus Dealing with Problems: Taurus tend to show stubbornness while facing problems too, which usually pays off in their favor when they stick to the right thing and it eventually pays off. Their tenacity helps them being affected by the hurdles and they will work their best to get through it. Taurus are known for self-reliance and persistence, so their are hardly any problems that will make them fearful.

Taurus Emotions: A Taurus is as hard as a rock to the outer world and as soft as a child with people he trusts. Although a Taurus is prone to be more frustrated and angry than the other zodiac signs, they are also one of the most humorous signs in the zodiac and are masters of composure. They like to fully make sure whether the person involved with them is trustable or not, so you always need to be prepared to have patience for a Taurus.

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