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Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose - Supta Padangusthasana

Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose - Supta Padangusthasana

Yoga Pose Steps

1 - Lie down on back with legs stretched out and feet flexed. Press feet through heels.

2 - Exhale. Pull right knee towards chest, and loop a strap around arch of right foot. If you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, use two fingers and hook them onto big toe.

3 - Now, straighten and stretch right leg up to ceiling, such that arms are straight, and your shoulders are pressing floor.

4 - Keep pushing and extending left leg, pressing the top of left thigh down with left hand. The extension of right leg must create a comfortable stretch in back of leg.

5 - You could either hold pose here or turn right leg out, bringing that leg down on right side. But if you do this, you must ensure your left hip is grounded on the floor.

6 - Hold each variation for as long as you are comfortable, and then repeat the asana with the left leg on top.

Yoga Pose Benefits

  • Strengthens knees
  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves discomfort in the back

Yoga Pose Affected BodyParts

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