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Fire Leg Pose - Agnistambhasana

Fire Leg Pose - Agnistambhasana

Yoga Pose Steps

1 - Get into Dandasana - Seated Staff Pose (see #21)

2 - Bend right knee and hug to chest. Then bring right ankle to rest just above left kneecap.

3 - Bend your left knee. Slide left shin beneath right shin, bringing left ankle directly underneath right knee.

4 - If possible, slide right ankle a bit more to left until ankle rests on left knee. Right foot will hover over floor, to side of left knee.

5 - Work toward bringing shins parallel to top edge of your mat, keeping your right shin stacked directly above your left shin. Both shins should be at 90-degree angles to each thigh.

6 - Flex your feet and press through your heels. Spread your toes.

7 - Press groin toward floor and sit up straight. Keep front of torso long.

8 - Rest your fingertips on the floor at either side of your body. More advanced position is to walk their hands forward along the floor, folding torso over crossed legs.

9 - Soften face and bring your gaze to "third eye," space between eyebrows.

10 - Hold for up to one minute.

11 - Release the pose by very slowly and gently extending both legs along the floor into Dandasana. Repeat the pose for the same amount of time with opposite leg on top. Then release pose and return to Dandasana.

Yoga Pose Benefits

  • Deep stretch to hips
  • Opens outer hips and buttocks
  • Stretches and strengthens the groins, thighs, calves, and abdominal muscles
  • Gently stimulates the abdominal organs, which helps to regulate digestion and metabolism
  • Sitting upright with spine aligned can calms the mind and relieve anxiety and mental tension
  • Provides stress relief

Yoga Pose Cautions

  • Avoid if injury to hip, lower back or knees.
  • May be challenging if hips are tight.
  • For more back support, sit against a wall.

Yoga Pose Affected BodyParts

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