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Firefly Pose - Tittibhasana

Firefly Pose - Tittibhasana

Yoga Pose Steps

1 - Begin in a squatting position; feet should be at a lesser distance than shoulders. Let pelvis tilt forward and your trunk be brought between legs. With trunk kept low, let legs straighten sufficiently to bring pelvis to about height of knees.

2 - Then bring shoulder and left upper arm as far as you can under left thigh, a little above your knee. Let your left hand be placed on ground at your foot’s outside edge with fingers pointing in forward direction. These actions should be repeated with the other side as well.

3 - By changing your body’s center of gravity, carefully bring yourself to come off floor. Let your hands press down on floor and start to slowly bring your weight away from feet and to your hands. Your inner thighs should be placed as high up alongside your arms as is possible.

4 - After taking a deep breath, legs should be stretched out to your sides where they should be kept as straight as possible. Your pelvis should be kept high so that your legs remain parallel to ground.

5 - Then, let the bases of the big toes be pressed through, but with your toes pulled back to the torso; keep your toes spread apart. The inner portion of your feet should be in a slightly forward angle, and the outer part of your feet should be a little back.

6 - Let your arms be straightened as much as you can. Bring your chest to hollow out while you broaden your shoulder blades as far as you possibly can. This will make your upper back round, which will bring your torso higher.

7 - Without letting your neck tense, let your head be lifted up and look forward. Keep your breathing slow and remain in the position for 15 seconds or more. Then, let your feet be released to the floor while breathing out.

Yoga Pose Benefits

  • Strengthens arms, wrist and core
  • Tightens and tones abdomen

Yoga Pose Cautions

  • Avoid if have any issues with elbow, wrist, shoulder or lower back.

Yoga Pose Affected BodyParts

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