Agni Fire meditation


Meditation Steps

  • >  Sit in your normal meditation position
  • >  Make Agni Mudra, by closing fist, release thumbs and rest them on knees or thighs with thumbs pointing up like a thumbs-up sign
  • >  Sit straight, also relax shoulders
  • >  Head should be evenly balanced with chin tucked in
  • >  Close eyes
  • >  Imagine fire, if you find it difficult, gaze a lit candle by placing it in front of you
  • >  Think of the purifying, cleansing and transforming qualities of fire
  • >  Burn your past memories, present realities and future dreams in fire
  • >  Unburden yourself of baggage of past and anxieties of present and future
  • >  Allow the energy and idea sink in you, it will help you take action in your desired reality
  • >  Meditate for 30 minutes

Associated With:

Solar Plexus Chakra

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