Kamal Lotus Meditation


Meditation Steps

  • >  Sit in your regular posture of meditation
  • >  Make Varun Mudra by resting back of your hands on knees or thighs
  • >  Join little finger and thumb
  • >  Make sure your back is erect
  • >  Relax the shoulders and keep head balanced and chin tucked inward
  • >  Close your eyes and breathe normally
  • >  Meditate on traits of water like clarity, adaptability and fluidity
  • >  Imagine lotus and its characteristics like unsullied by surrounding mud, untouched by water
  • >  Think upon and ingest its fundamental qualities of co-existing with impurities yet maintaining its stature
  • >  Overlook any other thoughts and rise with before mentioned thoughts
  • >  Meditate for 30 minutes

Associated With:

Sacral Chakra

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