Vaayu Meditation


Meditation Steps

  • >  Sit in your regular comfortable meditation posture
  • >  Make Vaayu Mudra by folding index finger to base of thumb and with thumb press the back of the index finger
  • >  Keep remaining fingers straight
  • >  Relax your shoulder but keep your back straight
  • >  Head should be balanced from both sides and chin tucked in
  • >  Close your eyes
  • >  Imagine free flowing air, breeze touching your body
  • >  Imagine or feel all the pain, guilt, bitterness, bad emotion and let them pass with the air
  • >  Feel air blowing over them from all the possible edges of the world
  • >  Feel airy or light baggage free
  • >  Free all your imaginative limitations and let go off of any baggage
  • >  Meditate for at least 30 minutes

Associated With:

Heart Chakra

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