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Cosmic Moonstone Bangle

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Cosmic Moonstone Bangle. An appealing bangle known for more than its beauty. Moonstone is known for its properties in bring calmness and strong energies of abundance. Find our other similar style bracelets with different stones and pair it up for an even more compelling fashion statement. Genuine moonstone stone embedded in this 925 sterling silver with a gold plated finish. White,Yellow, Moonstone, Bangle, 925 Sterling Silver, Yes, Yellow Gold Plated, Polished, Size 7.00
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Element: Water
Compatible With: Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, and Taurus
Likes: Relaxing near or in water, feasting with friends, helping close ones, creative hobbies
Dislikes: Revealing personal information, criticism from others, strangers or outsiders
  • Mantra: I Know
  • Lesson: To experience the divine meaning of life.
  • Represents: Presence, Awareness, Consciousness
  • Overactive Symptoms: Obsessive thoughts about the future, Obsessive Spirituality, Negligent of Worldly Duties
  • Underactive Symptoms: Rigid, Selfish, Spiritually Unaware. Lack of meaning in life
  • Enhances intuition
  • Initiates kundalini energy
  • Promotes clairvoyance
  • Evokes patience and appropriate action
  • Helps sort ones emotions
  • Can attune one to the moons energy

  • Bracelet Style: Bangle
  • Plating: Yellow Gold Plated
  • Gemstone: Moonstone
  • Bracelet Size: 7.00
  • Finish: Polished
  • Bracelet Adjustable: Yes
  • Color: Yellow
  • Color: White
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
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